Restoration Services

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Do you remember your first bicycle? Do you you recall waking up that faithful Christmas morning and discovering that shiny new bike sitting next to the you still have that bike? Do you wish it looked as good as that faithful day.

Perhaps you've decided to take up cycling again. You've got the old bike hangin' in the gararge or shed. It's a good bike; but it's dusty,rusty, & crusty..We can help you on both counts.

We offer restoration services anywhere from just a simple clean and refurbish to full blown concourse restoration.

Andrew is a  Certified Schwinn restoration artist and specialize in Schwinn; but  skilled in all brands.

We have four levels of restoration; each have different price ranges. Just contact us with what you have and how far you want to go..The Sky's the limit!!

We also offer "speciality" resto services such as custom frame painting, custom powdercoating of frames & other parts,  restomoding, & polishing dull parts to a mirror shine. be sure to check out our "Custom Shop" page for more info

Restoration Level 1

A level 1 restoration includes a complete overhaul of your bike. It includes a Chrome cleaning & resto, paint clean & buff, a deluxe tune-up of all components of the bikes, repalce tires, tubes, cables(if applicable), and anything else that's warrants. This is the same service we perform on all the bike we sell

Most people we do this level restoration for are for bike that will return to service for exercise and basic riding

Price for this level restoration is $135.00(standard bicycle) $160.00(tandem & 3-wheel) $195.00(deluxe balloon tire) plus parts

Restoration Level 2

A level 2 restoration includes everything from level 1; but includes a complete re-paint(if applies) or re-powder(if applies) of the frame & parts in the color of your choice.

We use only Automotive grade Ureathane paints & clears to provide the best shine & durability. These paints provide the best colors and style. We also provide custom powder coating services as well in many color choices

Level 2 restoration usually starts around $450 for powder or $600 for paint and will run anywhere from $450-$1,800 

Restoration Level 3 &4

Restoration levels 3 & 4 are for the serious collector. The bikes that  usually fall into this catagory have some sort of sentimental value or have a high collectible value. It involes everything from levels 1 & 2; but includes re-chrome/powdercoat of all components., complete removal of fender dents, tank resto(if applies),rack resto(if applies), replacement of vintage parts..etc.

These levels of restoration return your bike to a like new "Storeroom"condition and what your bike looked as you remember it.

Prices for these levels depend on the bike. contact for more details