1-3-5-10-speed commuter/touring Bikes

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The commuter corral of bikes!!

Skinny tires, multi-speeds, lightweight frames, and the ultimate element of CCOOLL!! "English racers" as these bikes are affectionally known are a MUST for everyday commuting and overall FUN factor.

 They are very versitle, turn and stop on a dime, and look the part in the process..the ULTIMATE around town bike!!

The bikes listed here are in "ready to ride" status. They have been cleaned, serviced(with new parts) and restored to that SHOWROOM SHINE!! 

(click pictures to enlarge) 


1971 Sears Ted Williams 21" frame 26" rim 5-sp-$179.99

1979 Schwinn Speedster 20" frame 26" rim 3-sp-$249.99

1984 Schwinn World Tourist 54cm/56cm top 27" rim 10-sp-$179.99

1993 Schwinn World Tourist 52cm frame 27" rim 10-sp-$249.99