Smoopy's "Economy Class" Bicycles

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Times are tough nowadays..and money is sometimes hard to come by; especially when it comes to extra cash for a bike. You have been thinking a bicycle would be a great form of alternate transportation and exercise..the only don't have a lot of $$ to spend on one. You comb a certain list with a "C" in front of it and find bikes in your price range; unfortuantley, they all need something(I.E. Tires, Tubes, Cables, a service, everything!!). you buy one of these bikes only to find the service and parts will be more than what's the bike worth..we at Smoopy's know all about this..that's why we have introduced the "Economy Class" line-up of bikes. All of the bikes pictured on this page have been FULLY SERVICED, Cleaned, with new parts added, the same service we perform on our our more expensive bikes; BUT, the great thing about these..they are all only $139.99 ea plus tax!! Smoopy's "Economy Class" bicycles..just another way Smoopy's is making more cycle tracks on the roads(no discounts on these bikes) 

1989 Free Spirit 26" rim men's-$139.99