BMX & BMX Cruisers

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BMX BIKES...Freestyle, Grind, Race, & Parts

We stock some of the sickest Old Skool & Mid Skool BMX bikes!! We carry many different brands & models in both Freestyle & Race.

We also stock 24" & 26" rim BMX Cruisers or the "Big Boy" BMX bikes as they are known..most of our 26" cruisers are custom built right in our shop using some of the coolest parts around..relive your childhood and do it in style!!

 Smoopy's Carries not only used BMX bikes; but we are also your Mid-Tenn dealer for S&M-FIT-UNITED bikes. We stock many parts made by these brands and can order any complete of F/F combo they offer..check out their web-sites and stop by the shop and place an order..

BMX lines that we carry

USED BMX Freestyle & Race

2000 Trek TR10 20" BMX-$139.99