Road & Touring Bikes & Hybrids

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Road bikes are for the guy or gal who wants the full-on ride for long distance and overall exercise Lightining quick shifting, super light weight frames, & a true cyclist stance these are the bikes for you.

Hybird Bicycles combine the elements of both comfort and Agility by combining the best elements of the mtn. or road bikes meshing them together with the best features of comfort bikes.

Thebikes listed here are in "ready to ride" status. They have been cleaned, serviced(with new parts) and restored to that SHOWROOM SHINE!! 

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Road & Tri bikes, Hybrids

1993 Schwinn World Tourist 52cm 27" rim 10-sp-$149.99

2005 Giant Cypress ST 17" frame 700c rim 24-sp-$199.99

1989 Univega Arrow Star 58cm/55cm top 27" rim 10-sp-$199.99

2017 Schwinn Pathway 18" frame 26"rim 18-sp-$129.99

2017 Susan G. Kommen 46cm/48cm top 700crim 21-sp-$99.99

2017 Schwinn Pathway 17" frame 26"rim 18-sp-$129.99

1993 Trek 1220 48cm/48cm top 700c rim 12-sp-$199.99